Bath Salts Gift Set

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Scent: Strawberry Rose


Relax and detoxify with this unique Bath Salts Tub Tubes Gift Set!

It includes 3 luxurious tubes of bath salt, each made with natural Pink Himalayan Salt, Epsom Salt, and a blend of Essential oils and botanical flowers – perfect for giving your bather a spa-like experience. Plus, the set comes packaged in a beautiful gift box with a display window. 

Scent Choices: Choose 3 Bath Salt Tub Tubes, 3 tube choices per gift box. 

Strawberry Rose for a sweet, strawberry scent with soft rose petals.

Orange Vanilla for an energizing citrus burst and a cool orange cream.

Golden Honey Oats  for warm, sweet honey-cinnamon fragrance topped with maple

 Aloe Eucalyptus for a fresh herb scent with cool spearmint 

Blue Waves for a relaxing ocean breeze fragrance with sea salt zones

Lavender Chamomile for calm and relaxing aroma therapy, perfect before bed time. 

To use bath salts effectively, start by running a warm bath to your desired temperature. Then, simply pour 2 or 3 tablespoons of bath salts into the water as it fills the tub.


To prevent the botanical flower from floating in the tub and possibly clogging the drain, pour bath salts into the pouch, tie it closed tightly and toss it in tub or under running water. When finished simply discard the pouch.

Swirl the water around to help the salts dissolve and release their soothing fragrance. Once the bath is ready, step in and allow yourself to unwind as the bath salts work their magic on your body and mind. Take this time to relax, breathe deeply, and enjoy the tranquility of your own personal spa retreat.

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